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Craft Council of
Newfoundland and Labrador

Devon House Craft Centre
59 Duckworth Street
St. John's NL, Canada
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We Are Hiring! Summer Student QVVP

Summer Student Duties at The Quidi Vidi Plantation (QVVP)


Activity Description


The summer student at the QVVP will provide tours of the studios and act as a liaison between the Tourism Information Desk on the main floor and the artisan studios located on the second floor of QVVP.

On occasion artisans work farmers markets and teach workshops outside of QVVP and the summer student will act on the behalf of these artisans while mentored by the present artisans.

We will educate the summer student on our particular craft and the student will be expected to explain these processes to the public.  The successful candidate must be out going and friendly and able to discuss the craft and art practices.

Our summer student will be available during business hours to answer any questions visitors have on the building and craft processes happening in the studios. Our business hours during the summer are Tuesday to Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5, the student will work 25  hours a week at the QVVP during these hours.

Our studios at QVVP are also storefronts; this allows visitors to view products being made and complete sales transactions on the spot.

It also happens that visitors purchase products from multiple artisans at once. QVVP has one point of sale terminal for ten artists, taking debit and credit, which needs to be documented appropriately. Therefore the student will receive training in record keeping.

The summer student will assist with special events planning. This could include promotion for QVVP open house events: posters, pamphlets distribution, rack card distribution, etc.  We also have and concerts that require set up and take down, contacting guest vendors, managing visitors. During the summer events QVVP has 200-300 people showing up daily. This is an overwhelming amount of people for ten artisans.  Weekends are particularly difficult with local traffic combined with tourism and crowd control is a valuable skill. The summer student can coordinate with the city during these events to ensure smooth arrivals of busloads of tourist.


Expected Benefits for QVVP

The summer student will:

  • Help support the role of the artisans working in their studios
  • Support the tourism industry
  • Strengthen connection between the Tourism Information Desk (downstairs) and QVVP artisans upstairs
  • Improve awareness of the craft incubator program at QVVP
  • Help to facilitate the larger volumes of visitors received at the QVVP in the summer; bus tours and education tours (200-300 people a day July-September)
  • Support experiential craft
  • Help artisan develop supervisory skills


At the Quidi Vidi Village Plantation

  • Provide tours of the studios
  • Act as a liaison between the Tourism Information Desk on the main floor and the artisan studios located on the second floor
  • Explain processes used in artisan studios to visitors
  • Talk to visitors about the craft incubator and provide information about the building, its purpose and its achievements
  • Make sales on behalf of artisans who are away from their studios or otherwise unable to assist potential purchasers
  • Assist with special event planning and promotion, including summer open house and occasional concerts
  • When possible, demonstrate craft skills and encourage visitor participation



Interested applicants should submit a resume by email accompanied by a short cover letter and references, no later than July 19th /2017 to [email protected]   

Subject line should state – your LAST NAME_Application_Highschoolstudent