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Craft Council of
Newfoundland and Labrador

Devon House Craft Centre
59 Duckworth Street
St. John's NL, Canada
A1C 1E6
Tel: (709) 753-2749
Fax: (709) 753-2766
Email: [email protected]

Two Shows in the Gallery


A groupexhibition exploring technology and craft.  Exhibit works reflect new technologies, partnerships and collaboration which lead to a wider exploration of innovative thinking in the craft studio. Exhibitors: John C Bear, Tara Bryan, Barbara Layne, Lauren Osmond, Amelie Proulx. 

techne  – an art, skill, or craft; a technique, principle or method by which something is achieved or created. from ancient Greek τέχνη. 

Contemporary generations use craft techniques and skills to continue cultural traditions and fulfill self-expression.  Today more and more craftspeople use digital technology not just as communication or social media but also as a tool for digital imaging, research, 3D printing, prototyping and production.  Technology has merged with hand skills, pots and textiles are adorned with digital images and silkscreen printmaking; art books and furniture are laser cut and hand assembled.   Industries and professions are sharing ideas and often working collaboratively. Given our innovative nature, craftspeople find unconventional solutions to traditional challenges.  This exhibition celebrates innovation, diversity, collaboration and potential new directions and definitions of craft. 



The Craft Council Gallery celebrates spring with a group show of craft that explores the pleasures of the season.

A robin's song, a chattering brook, wee bright flowers - all these things delight our winter-weary hearts when spring returns. Spring!, is a juried exhibition that is inspired by spring's rich colors and textures. Buds, blossoms, warm breezes and all the delights of nature will be expressed in textiles, clay, wood, paper and a variety of other materials.  Take home some spring so you can enjoy it all year long!