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Waking Dreams

Waking Dreams Start Date: 2011-09-17
End Date: 2011-10-30

Ethereal landscapes by textile artist Rachel Ryan hint at the mysterious "other world" that exists as we sleep.

The textile art of Rachel Ryan is admired for its exacting technique and the sophistication of its design but it is always remembered for what it reveals on closer inspection. 

Ryan brings the improbable and the picturesque to her own brand of surrealism in textiles, blurring the boundaries of fact and fiction. She works with a fine control of fabric collage, drawing and stitched imagery.

By using non-traditional quilt materials and techniques, I am attempting to reflect the metaphor under which I assimilate and interpret personal experiences. Technique is important to me, but I also rely on colour and composition to convey message. Collage is a process whereby one may disassemble old materials and ideas to create something completely different; to look at the world in a new way. Boundaries and definitions are quite meaningless within this context; one is free to invent.

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