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Craft Council of
Newfoundland and Labrador

Devon House Craft Centre
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St. John's NL, Canada
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2017 Studio Guide: Applications open!

That's right, you heard it!

The 2017 Studio Guide is now accepting applications!

What is the Studio Guide?

An annual distribution of 22,500 Guides, provincially and nationally. Distribution includes a wide variety of places including car rental outlets, B&Bs, tourist Information centres, craft shops, galleries, museums and other cultural spaces.
A full-colour, professionally designed glossy publication targeting your customer put in the hands of carefully-selected conference delegates

The Craft Council has been pursuing stronger links with the tourism sector and finding that the need for a tool to entice travellers off the highways and away from the major centres is necessary to the success of many rural craft studios. The Studio Guide is part of the answer to this challenge; we will be working to expand the response over the coming year. 

The 2016 Studio Guide saw a 32% increase in studio listings over 2014, with the majority of new listings coming from the Eastern, and West coast of Newfoundland.

In order to participate in the Studio Guide, you must be a juried, Marketing Member of the Craft Council.

It's finally h-app-ening!
In addition to the printed Studio Guide, we will have a web-based app! This will allow an entirely new audience to find you and your studio!

Download the application and rate-card here for more information.

If you have any questions contact Rachel or 709-753-2749